On Saturday Danny got the chance to go with a few of our embassy marine guards to a local orphanage to distribute formula and diapers and such, which was an amazing experience — I was so jealous that I didn’t get to go! The orphanage he went to wasn’t one of the big government-sponsored ones, which are truly depressing in so many ways, but it was a small one run by an NGO of some sort, I believe. They basically set it up like a group foster home; one couple takes care of 10-15 kids and lives with them in a private house, so the care they receive is much more personal. Hearing the stories about the kids — many of whom are not actual orphans but were abandoned by their parents because they were born mentally handicapped — broke my heart, but knowing that there are people like that couple (who are not locals, they’re Westerners of some sort) here is really amazing. None of the older girls at the orphanage would agree to be in the picture, but it gives you a feel for the group, anyway.

I think that in my next (professional) life I’d love to do something like that — Danny and I have talked about how cool it would be to start a school or something in a different phase of our lives. We don’t feel led to do it at this point, but the idea is there and we’re definitely not ruling it out in the future.

And now after figuring out how to upload the picture and everything I’m well on my way to being late for work. Lucky for me my commute is only about 100 feet!