After all my whining about produce this morning, I’m very happy to report that thanks to my ingenious husband we not only have zucchini and sweet potatoes in our fridge right now, we also have….drum roll please…ENDIVE and WATERMELON. A whole watermelon, just when I was thinking I was going to have to wait until next year to taste it again. How is this possible, you ask?

One of my darling spouse’s most charming and most inconvenient personality traits is making friends with pretty much everyone he meets, be they senior official or bum on the street (I’m not making that up, in college the bums in DC used to know him by name…). In this case it definitely works to my advantage, because he made friends with the guys who run the good cafeteria across the street (as opposed to the scary scary cafeteria right next to our offices), and now they let him go “grocery shopping” in their walk-in refrigerator whenever we want. So although we’re still limited to what can get here by plane, at least we can have it sans sauce. And in case you’ve forgotten your college cafeteria days, the ability to have vegetables that are not mush and not covered in either butter or sauce of some sort IS an exciting thing.

Okay, maybe not everyone gets excited about that. But I do, and I am relishing the prospect of cutting up that watermelon and enjoying it for the next several days!