In the continuing saga of my fiendish search for fresh fruit and vegetables, I have experienced a tiny setback. Apparently, the watermelon that we bought was actually platinum-plated, or at least you would think it ought to be given that the cafeteria charged us $61 for the privilege of taking the (not even so big) darling home with us. And that was just the watermelon…I suppose you could say that I may have gone slightly overboard with my obsessive quest to find a variety of plant life to eat here. Danny was appalled when he went to go settle up our account and found that for two small heads of endive, the aforementioned watermelon, a few sweet potatoes, some carrots and celery and cucumbers, a handful of green onions and garlic, we owed a whopping $135. Now, we have definitely spent that amound on groceries at home before, but it usually involved coffee and wine and other big-ticket items, not just a couple of measly vegetables.

So, suitably chastened, I will have to be a little more discriminating in my future shopping endeavors. Not that I’m going to stop trying to find a variety of fresh foods for us to eat, but I may need to be a little bit smarter about it. Those organic gardening books are going to be an even crueler tease than I thought.

The good news is that apparently the scary cafeteria, in an attempt to lose that informal (but widely accepted title) is going to start having a “farmer’s market” twice a week. Now, call me skeptical, but I somehow doubt that said farmer’s market is going to be on par with the markets we used to visit in arlington with stall after stall of every agricultural product one could imagine, but I’m looking forward to it nonetheless.

And I will say that, high price tag or not, when we got to sit down to our endive/pear/carrot/spring onion/almond salad the other night instead of yet another plate of carrot and celery sticks, it was worth whatever they charged for it.