One of the downsides of living, eating, and working with the same small group of people is that when one person comes down with something unpleasant, everyone usually ends up sharing in the fun before it runs its course. The latest nasty little visitor to our ivory tower is some sort of 24-hour bug that has been striking my co-workers over the course of the last two days or so, and it seems as though I too have fallen prey. The up side is it means I got to leave work at 9 tonight (and it’s not even date night or a holiday!), the down side is of course that I feel rather gnasty at the moment. (Thanks, Catherine, for reminding me of gnasty with a “g”!) I’m clinging to the idea that by this time tomorrow I will feel better.

It’s times like this that I think of the things my mom used to make me when I was sick. If it was in the morning, I usually got black tea with sugar and dry toast (my schizophrenic blood sugar meant several mornings of nausea growing up), later in the day it would be ramen noodles or Lipton Cup O’ Soup chicken noodle with ginger ale. I would totally love to have some of that noodle soup right about now! For some reason I still love to eat that when I’m sick even though I still don’t like ginger ale much because I associate it with being nauseous. Same thing with apple juice, actually, because we used to have juice boxes of it in the car on long trips and I almost always got car sick. What things do you crave as comfort food when you’re sick?

My husband makes me what he calls “sickles soup” when I’m under the weather, which usually consists of chicken broth, black beans, chicken, lots of garlic and thyme and some noodles, with sometimes a little bit of gravy stirred in if we have any saved in the freezer. He says it’s adorable when I’m sick because I usually just curl up in a ball under as many blankets as I can find and try not to move until the sickness goes away…I guess I’m lucky he thinks it’s cute since I’m fairly pitiful and unsociable. Unfortunately for me he’s working late tonight so it’s just me, the computer, and X-Men 2 on TV for the evening. I think it’s about time I crawl under some blankets and curl into a ball and whimper for a little while.