Well, I’ve recovered from my wretched illness…actually I was back up and around on Thursday, but trying to get caught up at work has been so wild and crazy that I’ve hardly been home. Somehow when one normally works 12 hours a day, missing one day of work is a lot more painful than just a few hours of scanning through old e-mails. It was indeed a version of the virus that’s been going around — I ended up having to give in and take some anti-nausea medication by Thursday afternoon because I couldn’t afford to miss any more work and I was still not able to eat or drink much. But things are pretty much back to normal now (or what passes for normal in our very not normal lives right now!), so that’s a relief.

I actually have a bunch of stuff that needs to get done at work so further posting will have to wait until later, but I wanted to reassure everyone that I was no longer at death’s door. Okay, so I wasn’t actually ever at death’s door, but it sure felt like it for a day or so!