I made another batch of yoghurt this past Sunday, and this time tried an experiment of draining it in a colander lined with paper towels for about an hour or an hour and a half while I was getting ready for work in the morning. It definitely came out a bit thicker and creamier, and the flavor was better as a result. Now that my powdered milk, thermometer and cheesecloth have arrived from netgrocer (the next best thing to a commissary), things can only improve from here. Up until now I’ve been guesstimating the temperature of the milk by sticking my finger in it periodically to see whether it feels approximately like a hot tub (the milk was supposed to be somewhere between 104 and 115 degrees), which I’m sure is neither the most sanitary nor the most precise method. But it’s better than my first brilliant idea, which consisted of putting a regular thermometer in the milk only to discover that mercury thermometers do not, in fact, like to go above 104. Their preferred method of protest appears to be self-destructing. Needless to say, that batch had to be dumped out and everything thoroughly washed. I suppose I really should have been able to predict that outcome, but once again my notorious lack of foresight has reared its ugly head.