…there is an equal and opposite reaction.

We all remember that from high school science, I’m sure. What’s interesting to me is how true that is of the human mind as well. Take me, for instance. I’m not an overly girly girl (I can hear my sister snorting whatever she was drinking right now and thinking to herself “not OVERLY?! You wore all gray for like five years!”). I’m not into pink, I’ve never been one for “girls’ night out,” and before I got out here I couldn’t have told you who Christian Laboutin was to save my life. The crazy thing is, being out here surrounded by men who, for the most part, pride themselves on their toughness, and women who often seem to be trying to keep up with the guys in terms of being one fo the guys, I’ve become more girly.

Honestly, I’m a little disturbed by the whole thing. All of a sudden I have this overriding urge to prove that I’m NOT one of the guys, that I don’t want to dress in cargo pants and hiking boots every day, that I like heels and dresses and feeling pretty. Those of you who know me, back me up — I am not one to say things like “I want to feel pretty!” It’s very strange. I suppose it’s a contrary streak in me, but I find myself thinking more about make-up and shoes out here than I ever have before in my life. It’s really sort of bizarre.

I’m hoping it’s temporary, that once I’m back in a normal place where no one stares at you if you should choose one day to wear heels, for instance, this will all pass.

Of course, that said I still cringe when I hear one of my new female co-workers saying something like “we girls are going to make this part of the office all feminine — we might even paint it pink!” in a very perky voice. So maybe all hope is not lost. I have yet to become perky as far as I can tell. If and when that happens, then I will truly be lost.