It’s been interesting to read and hear others’ memories of September 11th, but I’m not really able to write mine yet. In a lot of ways I feel like we especially are still living with the results of 9/11, and the past few days have only served as a reminder of how far-reaching the impact of that day and the events that followed have been and continue to be. As any of you who follow our little corner of the ends of the earth know, it’s been a rough few days. It’s hard to explain how surreally awful it all feels, and because I can’t really explain it I haven’t wanted to write about it.

I suppose my one plea on this day would be that for every minute that we spend mourning our countrymen, who died in a senseless and horrible way five years ago, that we would also remember that we do not have a monopoly on the market of suffering. I suppose that sounds less than patriotic on this day of all days, but living here I am deeply impacted by how absorbed we often are in our own tragedies, to the exclusion of those happening around us every day.

It is right and fitting that we take a day to remember those who were lost, but as we do I hope that we also take a moment to remember those who are continuing to fight every day against those who would bring terror and darkness to the doorstep of so many more. I don’t mean just those in uniform, but those who fight with their words and their refusal to surrender even when their lives and those of their families are threatened because of their beliefs.

Danny and I spent last night talking about the events of the past few days, and our own struggle to understand what it must be like to live with this level of uncertainty and fear every day for years on end. We are protected from so much, for which I am grateful, but there are so many who do not enjoy the protections we take for granted. So many innocent people who have no other option but to continue to live their lives in the midst of such insanity.