I don’t actually even begin to remember the rules for setting up an ode, so this will not be an ode in the poetic sense of the word, but I would like to take a moment to send a shout out to supermarkets. I was just on a brief business trip, which was close by enough that I was able to stock a small cooler (and half of my suitcase) to take on the plane back with me, which has resulted in our larder having swelled to include the following:
– REAL CHEDDAR CHEESE (this is the first time since June we’ve been able to get it)
– real goat cheese
– spring roll wrappers (to approximate some jiaozi, since Beijing Danny has been obsessed with them)
– tofu (doesn’t even need to be refrigerated until opened!)
– canned beans (make life SO much easier but very expensive to ship)
– simmer sauces (another current love, and one of the reasons I curse Trader Joe’s for not offering internet ordering)

On the down side, the other thing I picked up on my trip was a nasty case of food poisoning, from which I am slowly recovering. I got in yesterday and took the afternoon off, worked half a day today, and will probably be back on a more normal schedule tomorrow. I am still planning to post more details on our trip to China, but right now want to go lie down. Thanks to the care package from my mom and dad I have some of my favorite chicken noodle soup now, so I might enjoy that and some saltines for the second day in a row, as that was the only food I could face yesterday after two straight days of not being able to eat anything. I guess that’s one of the down sides to living and traveling in sketchy areas. šŸ™‚