The miracle of modern travel is one that I don’t often really think about, as much as I use it, but I have to say it does come in handy. I’m back home now, for only a few days, as a result of a family emergency that is in the process of resolving itself. It’s bizarre to me how quickly (in relative terms, I will admit that it didn’t feel so quick during the hours and days spent in transit!) I could go from our erstwhile home at the ends of the earth back to home when it needs to be done. Almost too quickly to adjust to the radical change in environment — it seems as though it SHOULD take days or weeks to go from somewhere as remote as where we live back to billboards and well-paved roads.

We had our first snow of the winter just before I left, which almost succeeded in preventing me from leaving, as the airport was shut down for a day before my departure. I’m hoping for a good amount of snowfall this winter to ensure a good harvest next year, although I will admit that on a selfish level I’m fervently hoping that the good snowfall doesn’t coincide with our scheduled R&R departure date in January…

On a side note, I’m pretty sure that our Christmas tree is not going to be delivered. I think the box was too big or too heavy or both to meet the size limits on our mail, and am fairly certain that it got rejected and sent back to target. One of Danny’s parents’ friends very kindly sent us a miniature tree that is currently sitting on our dining room table, but I’m still hoping to bring a slightly larger one back with me. I’ll either have to give in and get a smaller size, or try to find one that packaged small enough to stick inside the spare suitcase I brought with me just for that purpose. (Well, that and Christmas presents…)