We’re back!

We’ve actually been back for about a week, but as per usual the readjustment took a little while. This time it was easier in a way because we have less than six weeks left (18 weeks!), but harder as well because New Zealand was INCREDIBLE. Clean, beautiful, quiet, with wonderful food and scenery and really really nice people. We schemed and connived to try to figure out how we could stay there, but figured that faking our own deaths would result in way more administrative red tape when we later tried to apply for residency there.

I’ll post pictures and such soon; most of them will be of green hills and sheep and the views from our windows, since we did no real sight-seeing while we were there, just drove around and went for long walks every day.

Back on the (temporary) home front, things are about the same as always. We’re trying to keep from getting too heavily into the short-timer mentality and remind ourselves that we still have several months left here that we need to make sure are not a total black hole, but it’s definitely a struggle to keep focused when we’re this relatively close.