So almost four months later, I wonder if any of you are even still checking this?

I gave up for a while — the sheer frustration of having every day be exactly the same since our last brief break in early April was really getting to me for a while, and rather than write cranky blog posts about how pointless it was to post anything when nothing ever changed I decided to fore go posting all together. For anyone who is still periodically checking this page, thank you for your patience and your faith that I would eventually pull myself out of my funk and get back to this blog!

We’re now less than four weeks away from leaving, which I guess is why there’s finally a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s funny though, something I had forgotten about moving is that as much as being close to departure really does give me something to look forward to, it makes a lot of the little indignities of everyday life harder to bear as well since I know their time is limited. For that reason, I’m alternating between excitement about leaving and rage at how nonsensical so many of the things about my job are. I know when I was a kid, somehow I usually imagined that everything would be better when we got to the next place, that I would be cooler and less awkward and everyone would love me (hey, cut me some slack, I was a kid!), and I’m trying not to make our homecoming into a panacea as I know there will be plenty of frustrations once we get there, but there are so many things that will be so lovely about being back in America and out of this job!

It’s funny the things you forget to factor in when you don’t have to deal with them for a while. We realized last night, for instance, that we have booked our plane tickets out of Richmond, where we will leave our yet-to-be-purchased car, and back into D.C. It only later occurred to us that we were not going to be driven to the airport in an armored car, and would in fact have to figure out how to get ourselves back to our car if we ever wanted to be able to drive it again. It’s the little things…