Despite my best intentions, it has once again been more than a week since I wrote (okay, so almost two…). This country has been doing its best to kill me and/or send me home early without being here for my pack-out, but I think I have finally triumphed. I’m hoping this is the last time I have to rid my system of some mysterious malicious something in this country at least. Since I have less than two weeks left here, I think I have a fighting chance.

On the topic of the last blog entry, we’ve decided to move all of our things into our temporary apartment (which has been leased, yay!) and to buy a car in DC to have while we’re there and ship overseas. Our next post has a reasonably good public transportation system (and lots of cabs) in the area of town where we’ll be living, so if our car isn’t there immediately it’s not the end of the world.

We have our pack-out and our final inspection scheduled, we have plane tickets, and we have all sorts of appointments set up when we get back with doctors and dentists. Now that I’m back from the dead and will hopefully be able to eat real food again soon, we’re both getting very excited about our six weeks off at home to relax and visit family and friends and generally revel in being home and having the freedom to move around again! The lists of things we plan to do when we get back will follow…