After a predictable level of drama and disorganization, including me having to leave early thanks to some obscure intestinal disorder that continues to baffle doctors here and two “duck-and-cover” alarms going off during the pack-out that Danny had to do by himself due to my aforementioned premature departure, we are at long last back in the blessed United States. It’s been over a year for Danny since he was here, and had been over six months since my last visit late last year, and the readjustment has been both easier and harder than we anticipated so far. Mostly easier, as it often feels like we never left, but the weird little things that can be overwhelming have surprised us. Having to choose a restaurant, for one, threw me for a loop when it happened a week or so ago, as the sheer number of options were more than I could wrap my brain around.

I think more than anything it’s the variety of everything that we’re noticing. It’s somewhat amazing, after nearly a year and a half of choosing between apples or oranges that have both been flown in from half-way across the globe and have suffered as a result of their long transport, to have what seems like endless varieties of EVERYTHING to choose from. Grocery stores in particular are amazing…we just wander through the aisles and stare at everything and try to resist the urge to buy one or two of every produce item.

Now that things are hopefully settling down a bit more, I will try to be better about keeping this up to date — we’re going to begin the process of looking at land and maybe houses in the next couple of weeks, and will also have a reunion with my side of the family, so there should be plenty of interesting goings-on!