I know most of you are probably laughing already at that title, but just in case you actually thought we were cool, let me assure you that today proved that we are not. When we got off the plane here in San Antonio a few days ago, there was a poster advertising a new exhibit at the zoo entitled “Bug Mania!” This morning, you guessed it…Danny and I headed to the zoo to check out the wondrous world of bugs. And the prairie dog exhibit that is also at the zoo here, as I found when I looked up the hours of operation on the website.

Let me tell you, at 10:30 on a Thursday morning we were the ONLY ones there without a toddler or two in tow. The fact that the prairie dog exhibit was in the middle of the “tots zoo” section, which specified that it was built with children under five in mind, made it even better. If we had any shame, I’m sure we would have been very embarrassed to be the only ones over the age of four pressing our noses against the glass and squealing “look at the babies!”

Nevertheless, we had an awesome time walking around the zoo for a couple of hours, grinning and pointing right along with all of the three year olds at the monkeys and jaguars and bugs and such. We did, however, manage to restrain ourselves from crawling through the faux tunnel to get a better look at the prairie dogs, for which we were rather proud of ourselves.