This past weekend was the final weekend in our family roadshow, in which we’ve visited all of our various immediate family members and some extended family (or in some cases made them come to us for the time being). It’s been awesome after over a year of not seeing almost anyone that we’re related to in person to get to reconnect with them and actually spend some time with all of them. Of course, we haven’t gotten to spend nearly as much time as we’d like with any one part of the family, since there are so many various branches to visit with, but that seems to be the way it goes.

Tomorrow Danny and I head back to DC to move back into our house with our own things. Or rather those of our own things that have been in storage here in the States, since according to the super helpful travel lady that I talked to the other day they’re not sure exactly where my household goods shipment is or when it will arrive. When I asked if she could at least confirm that it had left our last country of residence, she informed me that was not her job, and that she would get a call when they had an estimated date of arrival at which point she would inform me of said date. Somehow I’m not terribly comforted, considering that it only took my things two and a half weeks to get from here to there when we moved, and it’s been nearly six weeks now since they packed our things up. I’m envisioning the movers having dance parties and goat roasts on our carpets and using all the beautiful yarn I bought in New Zealand to line their chicken houses or something.

Despite the fact that my furniture will apparently be sitting on bare wooden floors unless and until someone locates my household effects, it will be good to be back in our home again. The last year and a half seems sort of like a strange dream almost…like it can’t be real that we worked that much under such surreal conditions. It actually hasn’t been quite as weird to come home as I was afraid it might be, although it’s definitely been a change of pace to go from our previous life nonstop work and nothing else to six weeks of hopping from one relative’s house to another and seeing so many friends and relatives all at one time. In case you hadn’t already guessed, I’ll take this life over the other one any day of the week and twice on Sunday!