Please tell me someone else remembers the Berenstein Bears? I’ve used the “Berenstein Bears Talk About…” joke several times and gotten nothing but blank looks, which I’m hoping is because most of the people I work with are five or ten years older than me and maybe there was a gap in which people hadn’t heard of the bears.

So lots has changed since the last post…some of the things are not actually recent changes but just recently being publicly discussed. Danny and I are expecting our first child in March, and now that I’m safely out of the first trimester with no problems we can finally share the exciting news beyond our immediate family members. Our OB/GYN practice recommends both an 8-week and a 12-week sonogram, so we’ve actually gotten to see the baby twice so far, which has been really awesome. Below is the best of the ultrasound pictures, in which it appears that our baby is already sucking his/her thumb. We’re not planning to find out the sex, so the his/her thing will have to work in the meantime.

I’ve gotten hooked on the weekly e-mails from, which compares the size of the baby to a different food every week. Last week it was a jumbo shrimp, and this week begins the week of the lemon. If you’re interested to read more about the size and development and such, check out the Week 14 article.

The other development, which definitely pales in comparison but is still worth mentioning, is that I submitted my formal resignation yesterday. Very liberating, of course there are still several bureaucratic hoops to be jumped through, but I’m on my way out and not looking back! Our household goods are apparently in transit but won’t even get to Baltimore harbor until the 26th, which means that 3-4 weeks after that we might get our belongings back.