Wow, here it is almost the end of October and I haven’t posted in more than a month. We’ve definitely been busy, unpacking first our boxes from storage and then FINALLY our shipment of household effects, which arrived last week. As of yesterday the house is pretty much done — we still need to get a few of our pretty silk carpets made ready to mount on the wall, and we have one carpet to get rid of that was in the house before, but the boxes have gone to Goodwill and the pictures are hung on the walls. It feels like home again, and we even managed to vacuum the last of the dust and funky smell from our last home out of the beautiful carpets we brought back.

We’ve been doing endless experiments in the kitchen — I’ve baked several different types of bread now, including oatmeal and buttermilk whole wheat bread, all of which came out surprisingly well. The real coup, however, has been the sausage making. We bought a meat grinder and sausage stuffer attachment for our mixer, and have been grinding and stuffing fools for the past few weeks.

So far, here are all of the different kinds of sausage that we’ve made:
– mild Italian
– spicy Sicilian
– breakfast sausage (patties)
– chicken, rosemary, garlic
– chicken, black olive, and feta
– chicken, sun-dried tomato, and feta
– English bangers
– lamb, rosemary, garlic
– two versions of chorizo

By far the most successful version thus far (keeping in mind that we just stuffed the andouille and chorizo sausages tonight and have not yet cooked them, so we can’t count this against them) were the English bangers. The Italian sausages and the chicken sausages all had great flavor but the texture was not one hundred percent what we wanted it to be. We’re still perfecting our technique, though, and the pork sausages we made today were definitely easier to grind and stuff than our first attempt.

So now we have a freezer full of sausages, and we’re taking a temporary respite until we can eat our way through what’s in there. Also currently residing in our freezer is frozen cookie dough. I took the idea from a friend much more clever than I am of scooping the dough with a cookie scoop and freezing it on a cookie sheet until solid, then throwing the balls all together in a freezer bag. So now I can have a couple of fresh cookies every night if I want! Fresh cookies and sausages, what a combo!