After two straight days of more screaming and wailing than I’ve heard out of such a little person in a while, I think I might have to admit that unswaddling/thumb sucking is not going to work right now. Stephen ends up knocking his pacifier out of his mouth but is still not totally able to keep his thumb in long enough to soothe himself, resulting in much frustration for all involved. I’m trying not to feel guilty for putting both of us through the past two days by telling myself that trial and error is the only way to learn, and at least it was only two days…right?

The good news is that our air freight is getting here Tuesday, so Tuesday night Stephen can have his bath in his own baby bathtub again and he can sleep in his own crib! Even better, Danny and I will have our knives and cooking utensils and spices back. Because of Turkish customs regulations we couldn’t put anything electronic in our air freight shipment, so our nice coffeemaker and our food processor and such are making their way here in our regular household goods shipment and will take another couple of months to arrive, but having our own pots and pans will keep us happy for a good little while.