I walked to the closest open-air market this morning, which is about a mile from our apartment. After the experience of trying to navigate our neighborhood’s sidewalks (and especially the 12-inch curbs) with our bulky infant stroller I decided just to put Stephen in the sling and carry a backpack for whatever produce I bought. Last week I chickened out at the prospect of having to bargain and therefore bought only two melons for which I probably paid way too much, but this week I was determined to come home with some produce.
Here’s what I got, all for 19.50 YTL (Yeni Türkçe Lirası, or new Turkish lira), which is $16.20:

Clockwise from top left: “black cabbage” (looks similar to collards or cavolo nero to me), walnuts, mystery green (more on this later), spring onions, spinach, mystery herb (marjoram?), basil, apricots, tomatoes, plums, peaches, peppers, cucumbers.

Thanks to my stellar (read: nearly nonexistent) Turkish skills, I ended up with two unidentified items. The first is the aforementioned mystery green, which we ate for dinner and may or may not cause us to see visions later tonight. I’m including a detailed picture below…extra cool points for anyone who knows what it is. The texture of the leaves is sort of similar to watercress, but it has pretty much no flavor at all:

The mystery herb (picture below) we think might be marjoram. It looks like tarragon, but smells like oregano. Combined with the basil, mystery green, tomatoes, cucumbers, and some oil and vinegar, it made a lovely addition to our salad tonight.

To be on the safe side, I did wash all of our produce in a diluted bleach solution. Of course, as Danny is already sick I’m really only protecting myself at this point. And in the end, isn’t that what it’s all about?