I’ve been using cloth diapers on Stephen since his umbilical cord fell off, and up until now have only tried prefolds with waterproof covers. We tried Thirsties covers, the Bummis Super Whisper Wrap, and Bummis Super Brite, and hands down my favorite is the Thirsties covers. I usually change his diaper every time I feed Stephen, so about every 2-3 hours in the daytime and every 4 hours at night or so (he has done 5 and 6 hours stretches at night, but it’s not every night yet…sigh). With this changing frequency, I usually have no problems with leaking even though he’s a pretty heavy wetter.

Just in the past week or so, however, Stephen has started getting really upset when I change his diaper at night, so I’m looking for ways to not have to do that. We have some disposables left over from the ones we bought to use our last few days in the States and our first couple of days here, so I’ve been using those at night partly to use them up and partly so that I don’t have to change him. I started looking into some of the one size pocket diapers, though, because I figured that might be a good way to get him through the night without a diaper change and not have to buy disposables once we use up what we have. Plus, the pocket diapers are a lot easier for babysitters, which we eventually hope to have.

Since I haven’t used anything other than prefolds, however, I was really pretty overwhelmed by the different options in pocket diapers. I was pretty sure I wanted to try the one size variety so that I wouldn’t have to buy larger diapers in a month or two, but even in that sub-category there are several different brands. Like so many other things with babies, different brands/styles seem to work really well for some people and really poorly for others, depending on the baby’s build, the hardness/softness of the water in a given area, the detergent used, etc. etc. I was so happy, then, when I found the One Size Pocket Diaper Sampler package at www.nickisdiapers.com (here is the link to the sampler package)! I got four different one size diapers, so I can try all of them and see what works best. Assuming they work pretty well, I will probably end up getting some additional liners to stuff them with, but this way I get to really test out the different types.

I realize that this makes me a big nerd, but I’m looking forward to trying out the different varieties and evaluating which ones work best for us…I’ll keep you posted!