My little Houdini has gotten even better at breaking out of his swaddling – but unfortunately NOT better at staying asleep once he escapes. Last night I put him to bed at 8, and had to go in at 12, 1 (fed him this time), 4, 5, and 6 (fed him again) to reswaddle him. Waking up five times in the night is not my idea of a good time, especially since he’s been sleeping at least 4 hours at a time for over a month now! I ordered a Miracle Blanket several days ago on the recommendation of one of my friends and a fellow mother of a baby Houdini, but it has yet to arrive and clearly the SwaddleMe is not containing my rowdy boy.

I think I have come up with a pretty sweet interim solution, though. For his morning nap today I improvised something that I think is similar to the Miracle Blanket (click here for a video showing how the blanket works). I used both of his SwaddleMe blankets – I put one on him, tucking the wings over his arms and under his body (like the inside wings on a Miracle Blanket) and then put the second SwaddleMe on as per normal. So far he’s been asleep for 1 1/2 hours without waking up needing to be reswaddled, which for daytime is pretty much a record (usually about 1/2 an hour into his nap I have to go in, reswaddle and repacifier him). So I’m still hoping my Miracle Blaket arrives soon, but in the meantime I’m feeling rather clever for coming up with a way to make what I have work.