When I decided to use cloth diapers, I did it for a mixture of reasons: environmental, financial, and because I figured it would be better for Stephen. Almost four months in, I still love using them and am really happy I decided to go this route. I feel better about not throwing away hundreds of disposable diapers, and other than a few days when he was about two weeks old, Stephen has never had diaper rash to speak of. The financial part of my motivation, though, has been severely tested by the sheer number of options for different kinds of diapers that I’d love to try out (pockets (with hemp or microfiber inserts), prefolds (cotton or hemp, with or without liners), fitteds (cotton, hemp, fleece, wool, bamboo), covers, etc.). I know it sounds stupid since we’re still talking about diapers here, but seriously, there are some really cute ones and it’s very difficult not to want to keep trying all the different options out there.

I had just made a resolution not to buy any more diapers for Stephen after I got all excited about testing out the pocket diapers I bought last month, when I discovered this website: http://www.greenacredesigns.com/. I mean, who doesn’t want a diaper with a truck or a lizard embroidered across the tushie? Especially now that it’s so hot and half the time Stephen just wears a T-shirt and his diaper, think how adorable it would be! For now, I’m restraining myself. The triple frog pattern, however, is so tempting.