I must be approximately the last person on earth to have discovered streaming online radio, but I finally did! I’ve been playing with jango.com for the past few weeks, and totally love getting to create my own “radio stations” to listen to during the day. In case anyone else out there actually hasn’t checked that site out yet, you pick an artist to start your new station, then you can either add a bunch of other artists that you like or let the site make recommendations for artists who have a similar sort of a vibe or a combination of both. I like it because I get to hear music from artists that I may not have known I liked without having to buy a new album that I’m not sure I’m going to enjoy. Since I’m too paranoid to do the bit torrent thing to download free music, this is a good way to test out new music for free!

Also, I know I said it a while back, but I don’t know how my parents lived overseas without the internet. Seriously, it rules. Last week I ordered us a new featherbed and feather comforter online. I got to customize the fill levels and such, and now in a week or so we will have a lovely fluffy cloud of a bed, all without me having to leave the house. It’s also pretty awesome that we can do Netflix here or rent movies on ITunes or whatever. Especially now that our awesome friends Liz and Josh are storing their extra flat screen TV here and letting us use it, so we’re not watching movies on the tiny tiny loaner TV screen that we have to sit 36 inches away from to see! We just upped our Netflix subscription from 3 to 6 movies at a time, and are really looking forward to having a steady stream of new movies coming in. We’ve even started adding some TV series to our list.

As a side note, I find that assembling our Netflix list is almost as entertaining as actually watching the movies. Our current list is something line 150 discs, and we’ve barely scratched the surface of anything other than the new releases and action adventure genres. Part of that is probably because for the past two years we’ve hardly seen any movies thanks to our remote previous post and Danny’s grad school work, but it’s paying off now because there are so many movies we’re excited to see. Also, not having had cable except for the few months we were home between posts means that almost any of the cable TV series are new to us. I really sort of love having the option to watch one episode of a one-hour show or three of them, depending on how much time we have and how into the series we are that day.