I hope y’all will permit me to brag just a little bit…both of my boys have hit pretty major milestones in this past week and I’m finally getting around to sharing the good news.

Danny is officially only two steps away from finishing his grad school! All three of his committee members have signed off on his dissertation as being defendable with “minor or no changes,” so now all he has left is the defense and final submission. He’ll go home in about a week and a half to defend, then will make whatever “minor” edits his committee requests. We’re hoping he can have it completely edited and submitted before the end of the month — thank goodness that they’re requiring that all dissertations be submitted electronically now, as otherwise we’d have to figure out getting the nine jillion page final draft to them without it getting lost in the mail!

Stephen has also made some significant progress in the sleeping department. We took away his pacifier for sleeping and also stopped swaddling him last Friday, and Saturday night he slept for ELEVEN HOURS STRAIGHT. No, that is not a typo. He hasn’t done it again since, but as my mother-in-law said the first time he slept for four or five hours at a stretch, the fact that he’s done it once gives me hope as it’s proof he can eventually do it again. Most nights he still wakes up twice to eat, but a few times it’s been only once.

We ended up taking the pacifier away because he was starting to wake up just for that — Thursday night last week he was up every two hours just wanting the paci back in, and at that point I decided that the pacifier had to go once and for all. We went cold turkey on the pacifier, and stopped swaddling him at the same time so he could comfort himself with his hands. I had been leaving his arms unswaddled for about a week already for naps, but at night he was still tightly swaddled in his Miracle Blanket. The funny thing about taking his paci away for nighttime is that now he doesn’t even want it during the day — a few times this past week we’ve been out somewhere and he’s gotten fussy so I offered it to him, but he just chews on it and then spits it out.

So that’s our good news! The bad news is that apparently neither the moving company nor our travel personnel have any idea where our household goods shipment is, so when Danny goes home to defend I will be without a computer for a week (our second laptop is in the missing shipment). Unless they find it relatively quickly, we’re going to have to start buying more clothes for Stephen, as all of his 6-9 month clothing is in that shipment and although he’s only in the 10th percentile for height, his torso is really long and some of his 3-6 month clothing is already starting to get a little short…