Ever have one of those you-can’t-get-there-from-here days? I had one this past week…everything I thought of that I wanted to do I couldn’t, either because we didn’t have a car yet (which will hopefully change today, hooray!) or because our household goods (HHE) shipment is lost in space. I thought of starting a new knitting project, and then realized that all of my yarn is in HHE and I don’t know where a yarn store is locally. I thought about baking something, but my mixer and most of my baking pans are in HHE. I thought about starting a new book, but all of our books are…you guessed it…in HHE.

I’m thankful, though, for friends here — in the midst of my frustration about not having access to any of the things I wanted, I got an invitation from a friend to go check out a local yarn store this weekend. The same friend let me rummage through boxes of books they were going to donate and I scored a few new things to read. Other friends have driven us around for weeks now, loaned us their extra TV, invited us to come places with them, and cooked dinner for us. Not having our stuff is teaching me to be more gracious about accepting offers of help from other people, I will say that. I usually hate feeling like an imposition so I’d prefer to just suck it up rather than ask for help, but as we start our third month without access to most of our stuff, I’m having to swallow my pride a little bit and take people up on their offers of assistance. If and when they ever find our HHE, I will certainly be motivated to a) unpack it and b) offer assistance/food/rides/books to people who arrived after we did!