After three weekends in a row of not being here in Ankara (two in Istanbul and one in Cappadoccia, more on those later!), we finally made it back to our church today.  This is the second congregation we’ve attended since we’ve been here, and so far we both feel like it’s where we should be.  They’re just re-starting small group meetings after the summer, and we’re pretty psyched about that.  There are two different groups we’re praying about…one is the “charismatic” group and one is the “family-friendly” group.  The charismatic group meets Monday nights and the family group Thursday nights, so we’re considering trying to make it to both this week to see how we feel after actually being there for a session.  They both run from 7ish until 9ish, which is a little iffy with Stephen’s normal 8pm bedtime, but that’s why we bought a pack n’ play, right?

The weather is also definitely turning fallish now…today I think the high was maybe 60 degrees.  Now that I figured out how our radiators work I’m pretty confident we won’t freeze to death this winter.  We have a central thermostat, and I couldn’t figure out why the radiators didn’t seem to be kicking in when the temperature in the house was below the one I set until our friend Craig mentioned that their radiators are connected to their hot water heater.  Sure enough, we had to switch our hot water heater over to the winter setting and then the radiators worked like a charm.  It pays to have an engineer as a friend, and not just because he lets us borrow his drill!

The other thing we accomplished this weekend was buying Danny a tux for the Marine Corps Ball in November.  I’m still trying to figure out what the heck I’m going to wear…I have one or two bridesmaids dresses that are options although not totally the preferred option, one very pretty floor-length skirt that I wore to my bridal shower 9 years ago that I think I could make work if I get a nice dressy black top maybe with some black beading, and my qipao (aka cheongsam) from Beijing two years ago.  The qipao doesn’t actually count as formal wear I don’t think since it’s only about tea-length, but it’s so stinking cool.  Also, the fact that I can zip it up after having a baby when it was tailored for me before I was pregnant kind of makes me proud.  I think I’ll probably end up going with the skirt…it’s this dark burgandy-esque color, that rustly fabric that looks almost black in shadow but is actually dark red, and it has some tulle underneath.  I’m sure there is a name for the style, but I don’t know it.  It’s very simple but pretty, and it’s floor-length.  The trick will be finding a top.