So after a short while of agonizing over what to wear to the ball (seriously, that makes me feel like Cinderella.  Either that or like I’m talking about high school prom.), I think I’ve decided to rebel just a wee bit and not wear a floor-length skirt/gown.

I have a couple of old bridesmaids dresses, as I mentioned before, but when I pulled them out to actually try them on, they looked too bridesmaid-y.  I also have that one formal skirt, but need a top (like this one).  I also considered ordering a new dress, and particularly loved this one, this one, and this one.  The real problem is that I’m pretty sure that whatever would fit this year will not fit again later, unless I happen to need another formal gown when I’m nursing our theoretical next child.  Plus, I’m not totally sure what size to buy so the idea of ordering a dress over the internet only two weeks before the big event and counting on it a) getting here and b) fitting seems a little more stressful than necessary for what should be a fun evening.

So I think I might just wear my qipao/cheongsam after all.  It’s beautiful, it’s below the knee, and I think it looks pretty formal, so there.  According to, technically “evening formal” could mean anything from a cocktail dress to a full-length evening gown.  Besides, I love that dress and I don’t know when else I’m going to wear it.  It’s not exactly the most versatile piece I’ve evern owned, although it is stunning enough to make up for it’s impracticality.