This will be Stephen’s first Christmas, and Danny and I have been having some of those conversations about what we do and do not want to incorporate into our celebration of Christmas in our family.  This will technically be the second Christmas we’ve celebrated ourselves (as in not with extended family), but the last one really doesn’t count as Danny only got a half day off and although we enjoyed ourselves, it didn’t really feel like Christmas.  Check out our ghetto-fabulous decorations here.

At any rate, I’m building a sort of a “wish list” of children’s books that I’d like to have in our library, and I figured Christmas was as good as excuse as any to start chipping away at the list.  (Incidentally, does one ever really need an excuse to buy books?)  It’s been a while since I read children’s books, though, and I’m sure there are lots of good ones out there that I don’t know about, so I’m shamelessly soliciting suggestions.  Here is the list that I started…we also have most of the normal Dr. Seuss books and a few others that I’ll try to post about in the coming days and weeks.  Oh, and the entire collection of “Little Miss’ and “Mr. Men” books, which Danny gave me for my 24th birthday.  Yes, that was well before I was pregnant, for those of you who are counting.  He bought them for me, because I told him how much I loved them.

So weigh in!  What books can we not live without?