Sunday: Roasted neck of lamb with lemon and thyme (from The River Cottage Cookbook), mystery greens, potato-celeriac mash

Lebanese night: Kofta with tahini, Imam bayildi (roasted eggplant with tomatoes)

Fish night: Pan-seared turbot, roasted fennel bulb with parmiggiano, brown rice

We’re also making a rempah sauce for rendang (beef, chicken, or shrimp) to use up the left-over lemongrass from last week, which we’ll probably make on Friday.

Incidentally, we’re having SO much fun with menu planning.  We totally didn’t expect to, but we’re really enjoying sitting down with our cookbooks and a cup of coffee on Saturdays and picking a few really interesting things to cook that week.  Next week is going to be an Italian extravaganza, since we’ve been neglecting Danny’s Italian roots of late.