I’m going to start a recipe blog so that all of the recipes we’re making will be in one place, but first I need to catch up on my posts!

I forgot to post this last week, so here was the menu plan:

Tuesday: 15 bean soup, cornbread (my parents and grandfather arrived!)

Wednesday (Indian night): Lamb with spinach, cauliflower with tomato and onion, lentils, brown rice, lemon pickle and mango chutney

Thursday (Asian night): Lemongrass shrimp, brown rice, salad

Friday: General Tso’s chicken, brown rice

The bean soup was perfect as it simmered and hung out on the stove until everyone got back from the airport and Stephen went to sleep.  Indian night was once again a success, although we discovered that the author of our cookbook was right that lamb leg is much less tender than shoulder.  Live and learn.  The cauliflower was the stand-out that night, although the lentils were also pretty tasty.  Stephen got to enjoy some of the pureed spinach that the lamb cooked in, and he seemed to like it…we have to make sure he’s willing to try all kinds of random things!  The lemongrass shrimp was also awesome, the perfect mix of creamy (from coconut milk) and tangy with lots of yummy citrus flavor.

Friday I was feeling sort of under the weather, and Danny spoiled me by making General Tso’s chicken.  Since there is apparently no such thing as good Chinese food in Ankara (there is, however, a good Indian restaurant here!), our homemade version was the first good Chinese I’ve had in months.  We put a little bit too much cornstarch in the sauce, but otherwise it was REALLY good.