We figured it was bound to happen eventually, but since he had really not shown any recognizable symptoms of teething, we were not expecting it to happen just yet — Stephen officially has his first tooth!  He’s been gnawing on everything he can get his hand on for months now, but other than that he didn’t really seem much different than usual lately — no excessive drool, no fever, no irritability.  The only thing I can think of in hindsight is that he did seem to get tired more quickly than usual for the past week or so.  At any rate, the tooth is here, and it’s already broken through the skin.  It’s tiny right now, not really visible unless you’re looking straight at it (which is challenging since he likes to stick his tongue out when his mouth is opened), but it’s definitely there.  We bought him a little toothbrush today and some fluoride-free infant toothpaste, and tonight I brushed his little tooth after he nursed.

It’s so bittersweet — my little boy isn’t the tiny baby he was just a few months ago.  I’m going to miss his big gummy smile.