I’ve been feeling very uninspired lately blog-wise, but there are a couple of websites I’ve been really loving lately, so I figured it was worth a post to share the love with others!

Ravelry is an absolutely amazing site for knitters and crocheters.  Seriously, if you’re not a member and you knit or crochet, go join.  It’s a sister site of Craftster, which also has a lot of fun project ideas on it, but Ravelry is focused on knitting and crocheting specifically.  There are a ton of patterns on the site, and discussion boards, and a notebook function so you can save pictures and details of your projects (something I always meant to do but never got around to), but I think the best thing about it is the search function.  You can search for projects by yarn type, gauge, needle size, project type, and about a thousand other things.  It’s great for someone like me who has a bunch of random yarn in their stash but doesn’t know what to do with it!  You do have to request an invitation to join, but that’s just because it’s a new site and they’re staggering the new memberships to keep from crashing their servers.  I got my invite in less than a week.

Paperback Swap is another great site.  If you have a good public library where you are, or good secondhand bookstores, it might be less exciting to you, but for us it’s been so awesome!  It’s free to join, and basically you sign up, and list a bunch of books that you’d be willing to swap out (you get 2 credits for the first 10 books you list).  Once you have credits (either your initial 2 freebies, or credits you get when other people order your books, or you can buy them), you can order order books from other people.  So you pay postage when you send a book out, but for every book you send you get a credit worth a book, and whoever you order a book from pays postage to send it to you.  There’s something crazy like 1.5 million books listed on their site, and you can search by title, author, ISBN, genre, whatever.  We’ve already mailed out like a dozen books and have ordered 4.  They’ve all been in great shape, and we get to read new books without having to buy them new online!