My local knit night group (that’s right, we have a knit night here.  That’s how we roll up in Ankara) has decided to make a blanket to donate to afghans for Afghans — I’m so excited because it’s something I’ve wanted to do forever but have never gotten motivated enough to actually make a whole blanket to donate.  So everyone in our group has been asked to knit at least one 10″ square, and when we have 20 we will sew them together into a patchwork blanket.  I started my first one this morning, and am planning to try to make a few since they go pretty fast and it’s a nice mindless, manageable project I can do as a break from trying to learn to knit socks, which is my current obsession.  I really want to try to crochet a square to get better at crocheting — I can do it, but I’m really slow and inefficient.