Just when you thought I couldn’t possibly get any cooler…

Yes, that is indeed a spinning wheel.  I just got it three days ago, and I LOVE it!  My friend Joanne graciously gave me some wool to use for practice, and I have some more coming in the mail, but so far not any of the fancy hand-dyed stuff.  I figure I should wait until I’m less likely to break the yarn in the middle of spinning or have it come out in very varied thicknesses before I start playing with the good stuff.

Spinning is surprisingly soothing…it’s great to do while watching a movie that I don’t really care about, as it doesn’t make too much noise (Danny’s main complaint about the sewing machine) and once it gets going I can glance up from time to time.  I definitely need more practice but I’m really psyched about getting better at it.  I still haven’t figured out what I’m going to make from this first batch of yarn…it’s not super soft, so I’ll need to figure out something I can make where it won’t matter if it’s a little scratchy.