Now that this gift has been given, I can post pictures on here…I was holding off on showing off my latest project since it was intended as a birthday present.  I used this tutorial from to make a little dress for Stephen’s playmate Adrian out of two of my T-shirts.  I can’t find a  picture of me wearing the T-shirt, but I’ll keep digging as I’m sure we have one somewhere.  Here are the before and after shots:

Although it didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted it to (I would have liked the ruffles to flare a bit more, for instance), I’m really pretty proud of it overall.  I used a pink T-shirt of mine for the neckband, sleeves, and ruffles, and made it roughly 12-18 month size (using one of Stephen’s T-shirts as a gague since I didn’t happen to have a dress lying around, go figure 🙂 ).

For the record, sewing thin knit material is a pain.  Sewing thin knit material without a serger is more of a pain.  Sewing thin knit material without a serger and with a sewing machine for which you do not have instructions is even worse.  The lettuce-edge ruffles, for instance, required several practice runs and a couple of spools of thread being thrown at the wall accompanied by loud exclamations before I figured it out.  But I washed and dried it, and it didn’t fall apart, so I’ll consider that a success.  Adrian looked adorable in it when we tried it on her (but then again, her looking adorable really has nothing to do with what she’s wearing), and it seems like it will fit well this summer when it’s warm enough for her to run around in less than 12 layers.

My other recent sewing projects have included converting more of Stephen’s onesies into T-shirts…once I finish with that process I’ll probably have enough short-sleeved T-shirts to get him through the spring at least, assuming he doesn’t outgrow them.  I’m considering basting in some long sleeves on some of them so we can get some more use out of them…he has a bunch of 6-12 month short-sleeved shirts and I don’t think it’ll be warm enough here to wear short sleeves until April or May.  Of course, he can still wear some of his 6-9 month shirts (converted from onesies) now and he’s 11 months old, so maybe he’ll still be able to wear those 12 month size ones this summer, who knows.