Yup, that’s me I’m talking about.  I love the idea of being organized, and I love all the tools for organizing…calendars, planners, notebooks, schedules, binders, whatever.  My problem is that when I start trying to actually DO the organization, I get overwhelmed and give up.  I’ve been wanting to get a planner of some sort, and I just don’t even know where to start.  I really just want some way to keep track of when I need to do stuff (everything from when to check the gas meter to make sure we don’t run out of propane in the middle of the night and therefore out of hot water and heat when it’s 20 degrees outside, to doctor’s appointments that I need to make), and to help me remember when I last did things that need to happen periodically (like rotating linens).  I need something with a calendar (preferably a month-by-month and also a daily or weekly one) and a to do list, and not a whole lot else.  Preferably something not too huge, so I could have it in my purse without feeling like I’m carrying around a 3-ring binder all the time.  A palmpilot seems like gross overkill, and don’t even suggest a cell phone that does all of that…we have to register our phones with the government here, so I can’t just swap out my SIM card into a new phone or my account will be turned off and I’ll be flagged as a terrorist or drug trafficker or something.

I feel like I need one of those diaries people used to keep, where they would make little brief notations about which pasture they put the horses in that day and such.  I’ve always loved the Circa notebooks from Levenger, but then I get hung up on the price and on the fact that I’d have to buy the right size of paper from them, which was also the problem I ran into with the Dayrunner I had in college.  I’d run out of paper and have to figure out where I could buy the correct size, and then would forget to buy it and end up just not using it at all.  Then I think I should just use one of the zillions of blank books we have lying around, but I would have to either print out and paste in or hand-draw in a calendar of some sort, and that’s kind of dumb too.  Ack, I don’t know.