I’m on a roll!  After I finished the first soaker, I couldn’t seem to stop.  I finished a pair of fleece pants and another soaker, and the two of them took less than two hours together.  It’s a good thing that it’s still wretchedly cold here (did I really just say that?), so that Stephen can wear all of the fleece clothes I’m going to make him now that I know how easy it is to work with!

For the pants, I used this tutorial to draw my own pattern.  I think next time I might make the waistband a bit wider, but overall I really like how they turned out, and since they’re only three pieces they’re really quick to put together.  I also love this buggy fleece print.  If I had enough fabric, I might even have tried to figure out how to make a crib sheet out of it.  Maybe if it’s still on sale once I’ve used up more of the fleece I already have, I’ll order some more.

Here’s my second attempt at a soaker.  The sewing on this one is much more even, but of course you can’t see it as well since the fleece is a darker color.  Oh well.  I think the polka dots are pretty adorable, and I’m definitely planning to make Stephen some pants out of it.