I finished our tablecloth!  It looks pretty good, especially if you don’t look too closely at any of the hems. 😉  I made it out of several different tapestry-type fabrics that we bought here in Ankara.  Danny’s mom came up with the original design while she was here and helped me figure out how many meters of each to buy, and then we tweaked the layout a little bit before I started cutting things out.  I’ve learned a couple of useful things doing this project: first, that our dining room table is really, really big; and second, that I don’t think I would be good at quilting.  I’m TERRIBLE at math, not great at spacial reasoning, and not very good at cutting in a straight line.

It feels really, really good to look over at our table and see something on it that I think is beautiful and that I made myself!  Of course, this last time that I looked over I realized that I should have found a thread that matched the color closer, because now I can see where the stitches were uneven on the hem.  I need to stop looking!

For anyone who’s interested in the mechanics, I used a zigzag stitch to fake-serge the edges of each individual piece (per Margo’s suggestion, thank you!), and then pieced them together into strips, then sewed the strips together, and finally hemmed the sides.  After sewing each seam, I pressed it open so it would lie flat.  It took several weeks, but that was mostly because I did it in fits and starts.  If I had worked on it every day it probably would have only taken about a week, I think.

My next project is a duvet cover for our bed.  My plan is to replicate a cover that we got at World Market several years ago, which comprises squares of various Asian-style prints, but to use upcycled materials from items that we picked up during our last tour.  We have a tablecloth that doesn’t fit any of our tables here, and I have a few tunics that are unwearable because they’re ripped or stained or something but that have really pretty embroidered sleeves or such that I think would make very cool squares.  I think if I get creative and make squares for both sides of the cover instead of trying to do one big solid piece of fabric for the back, I could make the cover entirely out of repurposed things that all mean something to us.