Stephen and I were just listening to a little music, and “Me and Bobby McGee” came up on the playlist.  Thanks to my friend Catherine, I sang along with every word of the song, much to Stephen’s amusement.  In the summer of…um…1994?  Catherine made all of us (Kim, Jennifer, and me) mix tapes of her favorite songs from camp that year, and the Animaniacs and Bobby McGee featured prominently thereon.  We all memorized pretty much the entire tape, and what stuck me as funny today is that when I hear songs that were on the tape, as happened today, I still mentally expect the next song that plays to be the next song that was on the tape.  For instance, right after “Me and Bobby McGee” came “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.”  My iPod, of course, did not realize that the songs were supposed to progress in exactly that order, so I had to help it out by scrolling through to find Lucy.

The thing is, I’m pretty sure I haven’t listened to that actual tape in at least five years, maybe longer.  I haven’t even thought about it in years, but somehow as soon as Bobby McGee came to an end I was waiting for the opening notes of Lucy.  Odd, huh?  I’m sure if I were to hear one of the Animaniacs songs from that tape I would expect those to come in the proper order as well, although the likelihood of that happening is much more remote.  I definitely want to try to find a DVD of their cartoons for Stephen to watch, though.  I mean, how can you not love Pinky and the Brain?!