Surely someone else remembers “An American Tale,” right?  Otherwise that title just isn’t as funny.

I’m about to take my longest flight yet alone with my little stinker…six hours of uninterrupted, unescorted travel time assuming that everything goes smoothly and flights take off and land on time.  Those of you who have travelled with a toddler who is firmly above the age of mobility but below the age of reason, I appreciate your empathy.  Those of you who may be on one of my flights today, I apologize in advance for the screaming, flailing, projectile toys, and/or crying to which you are likely to be subjected.

Stephen’s actually a good traveller for his age…the catch there being that “his age” is a pretty rough one for travel.  But today I’m trying to be as prepared as possible.  We don’t have a portable DVD player, but I have his favorite books, a travel Aquadoodle, some crayons for use in defacing in flight magazines, an iPod (not the one with video capability, unfortunately, that one is in DC for some unknown reason), and oodles of snacks.  Cereal, sesame sticks, blueberries (his current favorite), pine nuts (another big hit), granola bars, and dried fruit feature prominently, although I’m sure we’ll also end up buying something during our layover.

Secret weaponThis, however, is the crowning glory of secret weapons for the day.  Stephen is really into screwing caps on and off of things right now, as well as putting things inside of other things and taking them back out again.  We’ve used varitions on this theme on previous trips…empty water bottles and Cheerios/pine nuts/pretzels being the most common, but my mom took it to a whole new level with this little beauty.  It’s an empty, washed out vitamin bottle, containing a small measuring spoon, a wooden frog, a small bead necklace, and a contact case (more caps to screw on and off!) among other tiny treasures.  I’m hoping that he’ll sit and play with this in his seat for at least 20 minutes.  As for the other five hours and 40 minutes of travelling…I’m still working on that part.