I just finished the baby blanket I crocheted for the current afghans for Afghans campaign, and I’m so proud to have finished it all by myself in time to make the early October deadline!  I used all yarns that were left over from other projects, so there’s a real hodgepodge in there, including some handpainted yarns that I received as gifts years ago and an angora/merino blend yarn I bought in New Zealand on our trip there in 2007.  I crocheted a nice thick border around it to even out some of the edges…a lot of the squares don’t seem to want to lie flat.  But it’s definitely warm, and that’s what matters!

I’m going to box this up and ship it out next week.  I’m half tempted to keep making 10″ squares so I can have them on hand when the next campgain is announced, but I also just started knitting the verdigris pattern, so I might take a little break from squares for a while.