When my friend A left Turkey, she blessed us with a whole bunch of stuff — a huge bag of summer maternity clothes for me, toys and clothes for Stephen, and two toddler-sized chairs that A bought for her two oldest children (now 8 and 6) when they were about Stephen’s age.  The chairs were looking a little worse for wear after being loved by four children, but they had nice sturdy metal frames and Stephen was absolutely enamored of them because they’re exactly his size.  I forgot to get a picture of the red chair before, which is unfortunate since it was actually in worse shape (the plastic cover on the seat was ripped about 1/3 of the way across), but here’s the blue chair before.

I decided to use some of the fabric left over from making our tablecloth to recover the chairs since I had some relatively large pieces in my scrap pile, and it seemed like good heavy-duty material.  I cut the fabric down to size and zigzagged the edges to prevent them from fraying, then used small screws to fasten the fabric onto the seats.  Upholstery tacks probably would have been easier, but we didn’t have any and I really wanted the project to be done before our houseguests arrive this week.  I’m really pleased with how the chairs turned out — I’m not positive that they won’t come apart after a while, but for the time being I think they look really nice.

Stephen is delighted with them, and drags them all over the house with him.  They’re the perfect height for him to sit at the coffee table and color (and he’s also figured out that they can be used as a step stool, but we’re discouraging that as much as possible) and they’re light enough for him to pick up and bring with him from room to room.  I like that they’re much sturdier than plastic chairs but not heavy like wooden chairs.  Plus, I’m rather proud of turning something that was probably destined for the trash pile into something that will continue to be used and loved.