My friend K made me this skirt for Christmas this year, and I can’t resist showing it off.  It absolutely ROCKS, and I can’t flaunt it in person.  I was trying to hold out until 5 months before donning maternity clothes, but I’m definitely going to make an exception for this skirt.  (I’m also probably going to have to revise that goal to 16 weeks instead, because I just don’t like the Bella band very much and the hair-elastic-through-the-buttonhole-trick is starting not to work very well on most of my pants.  But I digress.)

It’s made of what feels like a cotton blend fabric, which has a bit of stretch to is, and has a soft, stretchy yoga waistband.  It hits just below the knee, which I think is the perfect length.  I tried it on last night, and it fits great but the waistband definitely has lots and lots of stretch to accommodate a growing belly.

Here’s a closeup of the pattern so you can fully appreciate the brilliance (I included a nickel to give a sense of scale).  It’s these awesome alien-looking skulls with knitting needles for crossbones.  The background is a chocolate brown color, and the skulls are white with tiny pink polka dots, and the knitting needles are a pale pink.  Overall this is definitely the coolest piece of maternity clothing I own, and probably the coolest maternity skirt I’ve ever seen.  Now I just need to make sure Kim will tell me how to convert it into a regular skirt once I’m past that awkward post-partum nothing fits stage so I can keep rocking it for years to come!