I finished my robe — the first project I’ve made with a sewing pattern since my grandmother helped my cousin and me sew pajamas for our Cabbage Patch dolls about twenty years ago.  I’ve been searching on and off for years for a warm, not-too-thick full-length robe that wasn’t made of terry cloth.  Especially when I’m up in the middle of the night, I want something I can tuck around my ankles to keep them from freezing, but that wasn’t so warm that I couldn’t wear it year-round.  Eventually I decided that since I couldn’t find what I wanted for under $150, I would figure out some way to make it myself

I used the Simplicity 5814 pattern, and this awesome Amy Butler flannel in lime with some in mint for the contrasting collar and cuffs.  The robe is certainly not subtle by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s exactly what I wanted — cheerful and fun and ridiculously comfortable.  As soon as the flannel gets a little more broken in, I think it’ll be absolutely perfect.

The pattern was surprisingly easy to follow; it had really detailed instructions that even a total novice like me found easy to follow.   The only thing I couldn’t really figure out was how to do the tops of the pockets the way they wanted me to, so I came up with my own way to do them and I think they turned out just fine.  I’m looking forward to sipping my cup of coffee tomorrow morning all wrapped up in my fun new robe!