The inspiration for these sheets was twofold — first, I realized our current inventory of 3 crib sheets were never going to suffice with two children in crib mattress-sized beds come this summer, and second I’ve had this fabric sitting around for over a year now and have had no idea what to do with it.  I often buy a raw material like fabric or yarn because I fall in love with it, but am then too scared to do anything with it because it’s too nice and I want to wait until I have the “perfect project” for it.  I finally decided that since I know I like knit cotton crib sheets and I had almost enough fabric to make two new sheets, I would just go for it.  I used this free pattern as a guide on sizing and such.

I had two pieces of fabric lying around, only one of which has been made into a sheet so far.  I plan to do the second sheet as soon as I can face threading the elastic through that much fabric again…but more on that later.  In order to stretch the fabric I had as much as possible, I decided to sew some scrap knit fabric onto the edges of the nice fabric.  For the tool sheets I used an old T-shirt that I got at a church yard sale years ago, which also served for a while as a diaper for Stephen.  Don’t worry, it was thoroughly washed after its brief tenure as a cloth diaper!  As it turns out, you can’t even see the red fabric when the sheet is on the crib, so I could have used something that didn’t match if I needed to, but I’m crazy like that and like to have things matching even if I can’t see them.

The hardest part of this project was probably the math required to figure out exactly how little fabric I could get away with sewing on the sides to make a big enough sheet.  It’s sad, really, how long that took me.  The actual sewing was quite easy, even though the knit fabric is a little on the thin side, which makes it tend to stretch our or bunch up on the feed dog.  The only frustrating part of this project was feeding the elastic through the entire hem…this process was complicated by the fact that the T-shirt fabric I used had seams that I just left on there in the interest of time, so the safety-pin I attached to the end of the elastic kept getting caught up in all the extra thread and fabric that was in my elastic casing.  Add that to the fact that the safety pins they sell here are decidedly low quality (I broke two on this project alone, that’s how flimsy the metal is!) and the elastic part took at least as long as the cutting, measuring and sewing part of the project, if not longer.

I still have one more piece of fabric that I can use to make another crib sheet, which is turquoise with white bird silhouettes on it.  As soon as I can get up the nerve to face feeding elastic through that massive a hem again, I’m definitely going to make another of these.