On Tuesday, our dryer started making a very loud, very high-pitched, very unnerving noise when I turned it on.  Stephen took great delight in imitating the sound, but I was mostly just irritated that I was going to have to line dry everything in our house until we could get the repairmen here to fix whatever it was making the noise.  Thursday, despite nasty weather and several inches of snow, they braved the treacherous streets in our neighborhood to fix my dryer.  I take back most of the bad things I’ve said about the reliability of embassy repairmen.

Imagine my chagrin, then, when these hard-working, very busy men, who squeezed our repair work in among other preexisting appointments, showed me the cause of the dryer malfunction.  Apparently someone (*cough* Stephen! *cough*) had forcibly inserted one of his books and two collar stays into the lint trap on the front of the dryer, and these items made their way into the vent, where they caused the very loud and very disconcerting noise.  I had noticed Stephen taking the lint trap in and out, but hadn’t thought to make sure he wasn’t putting other items into the conveniently located slot.  Oops.