I just realized that I haven’t posted a menu plan in…well, I can’t remember the last time I did.  But I always enjoy reading other people’s menu plans, so I figured I would go ahead and post ours from this past week and this coming week just for the heck of it.  We usually do our menu planning on Saturday mornings, before we go to the open air market to get our produce, so our plans go Saturday to Saturday.

Sausage will likely be a prominent feature in our menu planning for the next few months, since we had a sausage-making party this past Sunday and froze about 10 kilos of homemade French Garlic, Sicilian, Rosemary Lamb, Chicken Sage, and breakfast sausage.  We finally took the plunge and ordered collagen casings online, since natural casings are impossible to find here.  Believe me, we’ve exhausted every possible source in the city of Ankara.  Even the Sausage King of Bodrum, whose wares we have sampled and thoroughly enjoyed, says he can’t get natural casings here.  And if there were a way to get natural casings, Greg (aka the King) would have found it.

Last week:

Saturday: I was ill, and honestly can’t remember what, if anything, we had for dinner.  I’m sure we fed Stephen something nutritious at least.

Sunday: Grilled sausage sampler, steamed carrots, Buttermilk Rye rolls

Monday: Shrimp with red peppers and onions, polenta, savoy cabbage

Tuesday: leftovers

Wednesday: Red lentil and tofu curry*, brown rice, steamed snow peas

Thursday: Grilled steak, broccoli, smoked paprika sweet potato oven fries

Friday: 15 bean soup, cornbread

This week:

Saturday: homemade spaghetti and tomato sauce, Italian sausage, steamed zucchini

Sunday: roast chicken, sweet potato oven fries, roasted beets

Monday: clay pot baked pork loin, fresh pasta, asparagus

Tuesday: grilled shrimp, garlic sausage, peppers, and brussels sprouts, polenta

Wednesday: leftovers

Thursday: black beans, brown rice, cooked salsa, steamed carrots

Friday: slow cooker beef stew, Buttermilk Rye rolls

*We make several modifications to this recipe.  We also double all the spices except the cayenne, which we omit for Stephen’s sake.  We cut the amount of water used to cook the lentils in half, and fry the tofu cubes in the spice oil before adding them to the lentils.  We serve it with chopped cilantro, shredded coconut, roasted peanuts, raisins and hot sauce on the side so every one can dress their own dish (although we do monitor Stephen so that he doesn’t just eat the bowl of raisins and/or dump hot sauce all over his bowl).  We also double the recipe to make sure we have enough left over for lunches the next day.