We had a lovely long weekend, lots of walks and lazing around, and the market is starting to show exciting signs of non-hothouse vegetables (e.g. the collards below, young and tender and lovely right now), which means spring can’t be too far off!

Saturday: Homemade fusilli with eggplant, capers, anchovies and tomatoes; grilled shad

Sunday: Roasted chicken, collard greens, and celeriac au gratin

Monday: Beef brisket, broccoli, and roasted beets

Tuesday: Quinoa Stew

Wednesday: Grilled lamb and rosemary sausages, eggplant, zucchini, and rice

Thursday: Great northern beans and potatoes, sweet-and-sour red cabbage

Friday: Crock pot lamb, olive, and onion tagine, carrots

*Edited to add:

I forgot until yesterday that I’m hosting Knit night on Wednesday!  In order to help me remember what I’m planning to make, I’ll include the menu plan for that as well:

– chips and salsa

– raw veggies and homemade red pepper humus

Black Bottom Cupcakes

Soft Raspberry Crumble Bars

– various assorted teas