Stephen is a child for whom it is nearly impossible to find pants.  I realize this is not a unique problem since most everyone I know complains about how difficult it is to find children’s clothing that fits well, but since most of his clothes are hand-me-downs or ordered online, we rarely get to try things on to make sure they’ll fit.  At 23 months old, his 12-18 month pants are just about the right length, but are almost falling off him in the waist.  His 9-12 month pants fit great in the waist and rise, but are about two inches too short in the leg.

All this, combined with the fact that I derive a perverse satisfaction out of repurposing scraps and old clothing, led me to decide I would attempt to make Stephen some corduroy pants out of a pair of old cords that my friend K gave me to use as scrap fabric.  I saw this tutorial on MADE for making pants with cute pockets on them, and decided that the plaid seersucker fabric I had in my scrap bag would make the perfect pockets to liven up the slightly boring navy corduroy.

Of course, no project of mine can be without at least one major miscalculation — in this case, I forgot to add an extra 1.5 inches to the top of the pants to allow for folding over the waistline and making a casing for the elastic.  Since there wasn’t enough corduroy left to recut the pattern pieces (and of course I only realized my mistake AFTER cutting all the pieces out) I decided that a contrasting waistband, in plaid to match the pockets, was the best way to fix the problem.  I actually think it looks pretty cute, and the seersucker fabric was much easier to gather than the corduroy would have been, so in the end it worked out well.

I lined the pockets with some soft khaki knit fabric from an old T-shirt, and used the hem of the original pants for the hems to save myself an extra step.  For the pants themselves, I used this tutorial and a pair of Gymboree pants that fit Stephen pretty well.